About TournItUp V1.0

TournItUp makes it easy to host ITF Taekwon-Do Style tournaments.

  • It’s cheap - like… real cheap. Right now it’s free but once we get all the kinks knocked out we plan to remain pretty inexpensive. We know that the margin on hosting Tournaments is razor thin and the last thing we want to do is put your tournament in the red. Stay tuned…
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  • It’s 100% paperless - no more spreadsheets, stickers etc. Everything is cloud managed.
  • It’s Mobile, Tablet and Laptop friendly - we support most modern browsers - Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE Edge
  • It’s Really Easy To Learn - watch our intro videos and see for yourself. Most people get up and running in under 10 minutes.

Getting Started

Things you’ll need to successfully run a TournItUp tournament:

  • Laptop or tablet device per ring.
  • Laptop or tablet device for the Tournament Manager who manages the tournament flow on the floor.
  • If you plan to import competitors a tool to create CSV files (Excel or Numbers will work well)
  • Competitor Data - this is data you’ve collected about the competitors who will be competing at your event. At minimum you’ll need age, gender and rank per competitor.
  • A venue - if you’re not sure where to start check the schools in your area that might be willing to rent you their gym on a weekend day.
  • Floor Mats - while optional they really do make the tournament experience delightful for the competitors. Perhaps more imporantly they cut down on injuries sustained from falls. Hitting your elbow or head on a mat is one thing. Hitting them on a cement or wood floor it’s something else entirely.

Video Tutorials

You might want to checkout our video tuturials. They are purposely 1 min long each and cover all the main TournItUp features and functions.

For example you could watch the getting-started series. This might take you ~ 5 mins to complete after which point you’d know how to create a tournament, configure it, and import competitors.