TournItUp! In Action

TournItUp! Messaging

Posted: 2018-05-05

There's a TournItUp feature that doesn't get it's fair share of sunshine that's really handy when things get testy during live events. And that's the built in TournItUp messaging capability. Think of it as ring to ring or ring to host private messaging at your fingertips.


Keeping Parents and Competitors in the Loop

Posted: 2018-04-29

One of TournItUp's goals is to make sure everyone knows what's going on, what the score is, where to be, and when to be there? This post describes what this is all about and how to get started. Check it out!


About TournItUp V1.0

Posted: 2018-04-26

Our first product iteration is all about free tournaments and learning from our customers. If you're planning on hosting an ITF TKD style tournament this year give us a try. We're always ready to work with you to ensure your tournament is a well run success. Read more to find out why.


2017 Color Belt Challenge

Posted: 2017-10-16

The White Tiger Color Belt Challenge had nearly 90 competitors competing in 3 rings. Everyone had a great time but it was a bit packed in there...