Keeping Parents and Competitors in the Loop

One thing that parents and competitors tell us all the time is whenever they compete at a tournament they really need to pay attention to make sure they don’t miss their chance to compete. This gets more difficult as the event gets larger, there are more than 3 active rings, or the announcer is not a native speaker of your langauge making it hard to understand what is being announced.

We at TournItUp have heard you loud and clear. TournItUp tournaments allow parents and competitors to register with Tournitup to get alerts for the division, age, rank and event types they choose to monitor.

We never want a competitor who’s travelled hours to a tournament to miss their chance to compete because they were not in the right place at the right time.

An upcoming feature in TournItup breaks monitoring tournaments down to 3 simple steps … here’s how it will work.

  1. Go to the TournitUp web site and tap __Monitor Event__ - You’ll be asked to log or register (if you don’t already have an account). Alerts require you to share your cell phone number or email address with us. We’ll NEVER share this information with anyone! … But it’s required for us to notify you based on what you choose to monitor.

  2. Choose the tournament you’re at - You’ll then be presented with a list of tournaments scheduled to be running today. Once you’ve chosen your tournament you can set up alerts by age, rank and event.

  3. Choose what to monitor - So for example, let say your son is a 12 year old red belt competing in both pattern and sparring. You’d check off pattern and sparring, select rank of RED, and the appropriate male division age group (in this example).

That’s it… You’re done!

You will get alerted by email or text (depending on what notification channel choice, email or text, you made with us during registration) when the following occurs:

  • The division you are monitoring gets moved to a ring.
  • The ring for the division you are monitoring get’s re-assigned.
  • The completion of an event type you are monitoring with division results (ie. gold, silver, bronze winners etc)

If the event you’re attending doesn’t let you monitor what’s going on ask the tournament host why they’re not using TournItUp.

We can’t wait to finish implementing this and hope it will make the tournament experience even better for eveyone.